Non Woven Bags - Printed Reusable Shopping Bag

Detailed introduction:

Printed Reusable Shopping Bag


Material: 100% polypropylene Spunbonded Nonwoven Fabric 
Size: customized
Color: Customized
Pattern: Customized

How does Nonwoven Eco bags work for you?

As it is reported, worldwide plastic bag bans are on the way. Environmentally speaking, it is really a green idea for the planet.Luckily, most people seem to like the idea of doing away with plastic bags. This, non woven Eco bag comes as a nice solution whereas a plastic bag is no more an option upon the check out counter. It can be reused and given to other friends or family members as gift pack.

These non woven bags can not only be grocery bags or gift packs, but also a promotional products, a free ads, a spokesperson for your products and company.The reusable non woven bags can last your packing trips for months. Therefore, no matter what industry are you in, these bags can be used by your customers with free advertising among their family, friends, colleagues, clients etc. Where there is a bag with your company info, where there is a business chance for you.

Xiyao Nonwoven would like to assist you customize fashion Eco bags for you. What you need to do is telling us your preference of the quantity, target price, size, pattern and process of the pattern( printing, laminating, etc ), we will take care the rest for you.

If you are considering of this idea, why not contact us for more information and assistance for your better solution?

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