The reasons that affect the non-woven refractory

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Answer: the reasons for the refractory effect of polyester cotton are as follows:
(I) the oxygen limiting index of conventional polyester cotton is 20-22 (oxygen concentration in the air is 21%), which is a kind of combustible fiber, easy to ignite but slow to burn.
(2) if the polyester slice is modified and denaturated, it has the effect of incombustible. Most of the long-lasting flame-retardant fibers use modified polyester slices to produce flame-resistant polyester cotton. The main modifier is phosphorus compound, which combines with oxygen in the air at high heat and reduces oxygen content to achieve good flame-retardant effect.
(3) another method to make polyester cotton flame resistant is surface treatment, which is supposed to reduce the flame retardant effect after multiple processing of treating agent.
(4) polyester cotton has the characteristics of shrinkage in the face of high heat. When the fiber meets the flame, it is not easy to ignite due to shrinkage and escape from the flame, resulting in appropriate flame retardant effect.
(5) polyester cotton has met high heat will melt drop droop, lit polyester cotton produced by the molten droop phenomenon can also take part of the
Heat and flame, produce appropriate flame retardant effect.
(6) if the fiber is stained with grease that is easy to support combustion or the silicone oil that can make polyester cotton set, polyester cotton will reduce the flame retardant effect. Especially the SILICONE SILICONE grease containing polyester cotton meets the flame, the fiber cannot shrink and burn.
(7) methods to increase flame retardant of polyester cotton: in addition to producing polyester cotton by using refractory modified polyester slices, the flame retardant effect of fiber can also be increased by using oil agent with higher phosphate composition as post-treatment on the fiber surface. Because phosphate meets the high heat to release the phosphorus molecule will bond with the oxygen molecule in the air and reduce the oxygen content in the air, so as to increase the flame retardant property.